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Why investing in Belgium?

  • Strategic location, centrally situated in the heart of Europe.
  • Serving as residence to the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Belgium is at the forefront of political and economic activity.
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications systems access the entire world in seconds.
  • Internationalized and leading the world in per capita exports, and supported by a committed labour force reputed for high productivity, Belgium is a stronghold for European trade.
  • Multi-lingual in every sector, and rich in culture and cuisine, Belgium is diverse in its facilities for body, mind and spirit.
  • Technologically advanced and financially stimulated, with expansive support systems readily available, Belgium is poised for new investment.
  • As the Economic Union developed, Belgium has seen its markets grow to some 375 million customers, making it one of the most dynamic economic markets in the world.

How can you invest in Belgium?

Where can you invest?

Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels are the three regions that make up Belgium. Each region has its own strengths and characteristics.

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What are the tax benefits?

You can qualify for a number of tax deductions and exemptions:

  • notional interest deduction: deduction of a deemed interest rate on venture capital funding gives you a lower tax base and, therefore, a lower effective rate 
  • deduction on definitively-taxed income
  • paid dividends up to 95% tax exempt
  • interest deductible if you take out a loan to acquire the shareholding
  • investment deduction on investment in new assets
  • 8% for SMEs, irrespective of investment type
  • investments in energy savings
  • investments in R&D
  • a 95% net exemption on innovation earnings from patents, copyrighted software, variety rights, etc.
  • unrestricted carry forward of tax losses to following years
  • transfer of VAT on imported goods: no need to pay the VAT, or a guarantee, in advance
  • federal tax exemption on a number of regionally awarded subsidies

Other advantages:

  • reduced social security contributions for employers
  • same tax calculation for employment through a Belgian establishment or a Belgian subsidiary
  • you enjoy an advantageous effective tax rate lower than the nominal rate of 33.99%

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