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Belgian passport

General Information

A passport is an official, worldwide recognized and usable travel document in the format of a booklet issued by the relevant authority in a particular State to its nationals.

One must make a distinction between a passport and an identity card which, as its name implies, is just a single card.

Belgian passports are valid 7 years (5 years for minors).

Any Belgian citizen can be issued his or her own passport starting at birth.

A passport allows its holder to travel to any country in the world, subject to fulfilling any applicable visa requirements.


How to obtain a passport at the Embassy of Belgium in Seoul? 

The Embassy of Belgium in Seoul can only issue passports to Belgians who are registered at the embassy. 

To request a passport you must make an appointment via our online appointment system.

Please bring a completed application form to the embassy during the appointment.

Please also transfer the correct amount to our consular account in advance. A new passport for an adult costs 97,500 KRW. A new passport for a minor (-18 years) costs 45,500 KRW. Please mention the name of the applicant on the transfer.

Details of our bank account: KEB / Hana Bank; Embassy of Belgium; Account n °: 174-890002-35301. Swift code: KOEXKRSE

After getting the new passport

According to the instructions of the competent authorities in Korea (Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea, Korea Immigration Service), every foreigner with a local resident permit (Alien Registration Card) is required to report the change of passport number to the Korean immigration service within  44 days after its date of issuance. This can be done directly through their web site and click on this link (click) for more information.